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Questions and answers about the proposed sales tax increase to fund transportation

Yesterday we asked readers if they had questions they wanted asked about the proposed sales tax increase that will be on this November’s ballot. Transportation managers from both the city (Alfred Knotts) and the county (Caroline Ferris) were happy to answer questions on camera. Here are the questions and answers:

It sounds like the main improvement to buses would be shorter wait times. Have you considered adding additional routes?


In your presentation you talk about adding signal priority lanes. Are those the above road signs that tell traffic whether they can use a lane or not? Like what they have near USANA Amphitheater in Salt Lake?


What are your plans to get skiers, in single occupant vehicles, off the road?


What will the design of the carpool and bus lanes be on Highway 248?


What will the design of the carpool and bus lanes be on Highway 224?


Why isn’t Richardson’s Flat being used immediately as a park and ride?


Why not use existing parking lots like schools supermarkets, etc. instead of building new park and rides?


Will the pedestrian passage under I-80, between Pinebrook and Jeremy Ranch, be kept as part of the improvements to the Jeremy ranch and Pinebrook interchanges?


Is the E-Bike share program going to be delivered as part of this tax increase?


What will the impact be to traffic and school children if we build a Park and Ride in the open space next to Jeremy Ranch Elementary School?


How will we know if the tax increase has worked to help alleviate traffic and when will we know it?

There were also comments made by a few citizens during the Public Hearing portion of the meeting. However, turn out was really poor for the meeting. The public’s comments are below:


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GREAT coverage Josh.
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