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RAMP Sports appears to have jumped into the abyss

Local Park City ski, board, and long board maker RAMP Sports appears to have closed up shop. The company’s facility, that used to be near the Home Depot, now sports a “For Lease” sign.

According to a Facebook post by a sponsored skier, the company had an investor pull out. That’s too bad for a company who tried to do it differently. Their philosophy seemed summed up by this quote from their website…

“Many popular skis and snowboards are manufactured in Asia where workers are paid $200/month building products with cheap materials and no environmental constraints. At RAMP, we feel certain that consumers would rather buy products built with new technology, high-end materials, clean best practices, and are made by people who love skiing and riding.”

It makes us hopeful that Armada will survive.

If anyone has any more insight into what happened, we would love to know more.


h/t to the Friend of the Park Rag who provided this info.



server 3

Where are Armada’s skis manufactured?


I’ve heard they were made in the Atomic factory in Austria, but that was a few years back. Not sure about now. Armada has often been cited as one of the manufacturers that doesn’t build in China though.


I asked back in April if RAMP was going out of business and their sales guy Scott replied “No.” I wonder if that was an honest answer. The facility looks shut down and almost empty.

Rich D

We were recently at Bromley Mtn in VT & the ski shop employee said Ramp had been acquired by another company for their patents – but did not who it was.

Part if the deal was they had to completely sell off last year’s inventory.


If true this really sucks…great skis

Joan G

I bought some End of season with poles, the poles broke and I was going to send them back for them to replace but didn’t. Anyone know how to get them replaced now since RAMP closed? They are the bamboo poles, not made by RAMP.

Greg A

Wow! I’ve skied Ramp Woodpeckers for 3 years and they are a great ski. Staff there were extremely helpful and friendly. I’m disappointed to hear Ramp went out of business. What a bummer!

Lothar Burger

Sorry to hear RAMP went out of business. They build a great ski


Just got a brand spanking, never skied pair of Woodpeckers (with the Grand Marnier graphics) from my son for XMas. I skied them years ago and tried unsuccessfully to find a pair for myself. Can’t wait to get them on the slopes back East!

Larry Bloodworth, Draper, UT

You can find out what happened to Ramp by watching what happened on CNBC’s The Profit with Marcus Lemonis. In two words, bad management.

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