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Register your kids for Jeremy Ranch now to help decrease class sizes

Each year, it’s important to register your children for Park City Schools to help the district plan for the next year. However, this year, if your child attends Jeremy Ranch Elementary it is more important than ever to REGISTER NOW.

Word on the street is that the older grades may not have enough sections to maintain adequate class sizes. The school needs to know the number of kids so they can do everything they can to have enough classes for each grade. This is compounded by the number of teachers that appear to be leaving our schools this year. So, it is not only assigning a teacher to a class but also finding that teacher. That is not easy.

Here is a hypothetical example. Let’s take fifth grade at Jeremy. This year there were two DLI French classes and three STEM classes in fourth grade. For ease, let’s say that’s a total of 100 kids (it’s probably a little bit higher) moving into fifth grade. If next year the school is only allotted teachers for two DLI and two STEM that means the DLI classes would again have 20 kids but the two STEM classes would each have 30 kids. That can be a lot, especially if there are behavioral issues a teacher has to deal with.

This example could also hold true for other grades and schools as well, depending on the makeup and enrollment.

As parents, we need to give our schools all the information they need, so they can go to bat for smaller class sizes with the district office. This could have a material impact on your child. So, if you haven’t registered, please do so now. Here is a link to the Park City School District’s enrollment page.

Hi, I’m Josh Mann. I created the Park Rag in 2012 to tell stories like these. This year, I am running for Park City School Board. I believe that through open communication, we can build a stronger community. Thanks for stopping by.



K Sobel

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the community. Not only is this situation happening at JR but also at the other elementary schools.


Thanks. K Sobel. We also need to make sure the message is translated and shared with our Latino community.


Thanks KSobel. Now we have to translate the message and make sure our Latino community is aware of this.


Sorry for the delayed approval of this.


One thing I’ve always wondered was what is the differential between the number of eligible kids living in-district and the split between those who go to school out-of-district and in-district. There are a lot of kids going to Weilenmann, Rowland, Judge, PCDS, etc. “What if” 100% of the in-district kids all went in-district? Does PCSD have a general idea what that overflow would look like?

Master Planning

F.Y.I. The master plan for facilities that begins construction in some areas this summer is supposed to accommodate more classrooms to reduce class sizes in all grade levels. Small class sizes is one of the five pillars of the master plan.

This also means more teachers will need to be hired, not only to fill gaps left by teachers leaving our district, but for new classrooms being built. Please remember this as we enter into the next school year.


Just a clarification…. The two non dual classes are not called STEM classes. They are straight English only classes. ALL students have access to our STEM/Seed Science curriculum, whether they are in Dual or non-dual classes.
However your point of registering early is VERY important because if the district can see that a particular grade level is heavy, they are more likely to fund another class to curtail over crowding. The sooner this is evident, the better chance of hiring a teacher, otherwise oftentimes it won’t happen until after October 1st when final numbers come in. By then it can become difficult because classes need to be split to lower the numbers. This can be stressful for both students and teachers.

So register now!

Joe Demers.
Instructional Coach
Parleys Park


Thanks, Joe for the clarification. I think many of us parents were presented with the DLI vs more STEM option when we made that decision in first grade. That’s why I refer to it that way. Maybe that has changed or I just misunderstood. Anyhow, thanks again for the info.

Teacher at JRES

Actually, at JRES we do call the English only side STEM, DLI does not participate in the STEM specific class, but both sides (STEM and DLI) get the science/SEED from the Utah core. This is different than at some schools, I believe.


Thanks Park Rag for this write up! This is an issue that the PCSD needs to focus on right now and not wait for the Master Plan.

At TSES traditional class sizes are larger than the average class size (22 students or 15:1 student to teacher ratio- in almost all grade levels. Four years ago the district made a choice to move from two traditional classes in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade to one traditional class in grades 1st , 2nd, and 3rd. This has had a huge impact on learning. As Park Rag “That can be a lot, especially if there are behavioral issues a teacher has to deal with.” Many traditional classes have a higher rate of students receiving extra supports from the school (IEP, 504, speech, English language learners). This is not to say that all traditional classes are like this, but the traditional classes “on average” have higher needs, which should mean smaller classes sizes, not larger ones.

PCSD needs to stop looking at the number of students in the school but take into account the WHOLE CHILD as a student. From what I learned, PCSD also needs to stop taking the full number of licensed teachers into account at a school and dividing it by the amount of students in the school to calculate classroom sizes. Use ONLY classroom teachers in this equation and your class sizes will look higher. Not all licensed staff in an elementary school have all day direction contact with students (library, special education, PE, Interventionists).

If PCSD wants to make sure the mental health is a focus smaller class sizes is a way to help with this. There is room at JRES and TSES for smaller class sizes right now.

The Master Plan is a great thing, but action should be taken NOW to ensure students in the elementary schools are getting the high level of education PCSD has to offer. It is just the right thing to do.

Criminals gotta go

Speaking only for my family, we’re waiting to see what happens with the criminal case regarding mandatory reporting. We never thought our kids might not be safe at school, but now…

If heads roll, our kids will be enrolled. If not, we will find an alternative. Enough is enough. This is just the latest in a series of disasters created by the administration and board.

We might not be the only parents thinking this way.


Let’s hope they can hire enough teachers! There is an exodus going on with over 40 teachers leaving. These are seasoned veterans and dedicated folks. The new hires are often not matching up to the good folks we are losing.

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