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Representative Kraig Powell Would Like Your Input on Mountain Accord

On Friday we had written about Utah Representative Kraig Powell’s response to a question on Mountain Accord from KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher . We had written that we felt Representative Powell should take into account his constituents’ opinions when deciding to vote for or against appropriating more money for Mountain Accord.

Representative Powell was kind enough to respond to our story. It genuinely seems that he would like to hear from you. So if you support the Accord or are opposed to it, please let Representative Powell know how you feel and why. His reply to our story and email are below.

This is Kraig Powell. I am very happy to continue this discussion.

I have been in touch with both Park City and Summit County officials on Mountain Accord. I understand that Summit County residents are rightly concerned about the plans that may emerge from MA. I will certainly express to other legislators the concerns that I am hearing from Summit County residents. It’s just that at this time it does not seem wise to me for us to ignore or pull back from the process, if the many other parties are going to forge ahead.

There will always be concrete steps available to fight and oppose any attempted actions that emerge from MA, at the right time and by the applicable government entities. But the study, collaboration and dialogue that are occurring now on MA is something that I don’t believe should be squelched.

I may be wrong, and so I invite those who disagree to share with me your views and arguments at .


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