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Did the restaurant you are going to tonight in Park City have any health inspection issues?

A few years ago, we used to make a trip to the Summit County Health Department to review paper restaurant inspections. About a year ago, the health department began putting inspections online. We view it as a great service provided by the county. Having watched our share of Kitchen Nightmares, we know that running a kitchen is hard but that it can also be deadly. So, we appreciate the work Summit County Health Director Rich Bullough and his team do in keeping us safe.

What sort of things might you find in these inspections? You might find a restaurant whose dish washing equipment isn’t actually using sanitizer. You might find a convenience store where the cold tables aren’t cold enough. You might also find things you don’t care about like signs reminding employees to wash their hands (does that do any good?).

So, what does a report look like for a place you may have frequented on Main Street (keep clicking the image below to make it bigger)?

If you’d like to search yourself, here is the link to the Summit County Health Department’s inspections.


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Steve Joyce

It is a well organized web site, but it doesn’t serve the purpose that most of us would like. In NC, they had an aggregate rating of your inspection and assigned you a grade, just like in school. You could make a few minor mistakes or one major one and still get by with an A. If you saw a restaurant with a B or C, you needed to give some thought about eating there. On the city’s web site, you could quickly scan through a list of restaurants and grades, seeing if there were any problems at places where you ate.

On the Summit County web site, you have to dig waaayyyy too deep on each restaurant to determine whether or not there are significant issues. It is slow and burdensome and as a result, probably sees very little use.

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