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Rock and Roll and the Lack of Diversity in Park City

It doesn’t get better than spending an evening with an old friend. In this case, I had the chance to spend Saturday evening at the Van Halen concert down in Salt Lake at USANA amphitheater. It was everything one could ask for in rock concert. David Lee Roth, even at age 61, still slides down into the splits and does the leg kicks many of us remember from years ago.

As I looked around the concert, one thing became evident. I wasn’t in Park City any more. It was a diverse crowd. I don’t mean racially or anything specific… but there was just a plethora of different types of people: from 20 year old kids dressed in whigs, to 65 year old women with tattoos EVERYWHERE, to guys with hair down to their waist, to preppy 40-somethings, to guys just done working construction, to… well, you name it and it was probably there.

It served as a reminder about the lack of diversity (at least I see) in Park City. We often talk about Keeping Park City Park City, affordable housing, and having well paying jobs, but I think we rarely talk directly about the diversity that can make a community rich.

Perhaps in a land of second home owners who fly in from Jersey a couple times a year, that’s not what they are looking for. I’ll tell you though, sitting in the middle of that concert, it made me realize how much I miss having a little diversity around here.


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