What do you say when questioned about Park City?


So, you are in an airport in St Louis and someone asks you whether they should visit Park City, what do you say?

A) Yes, it’s a great place to visit, with nice people, great skiing, and is even better in the summer.

B) No, uhhh… you wouldn’t like it. There are few evergreens like you might get in Colorado. The liquor laws make it really confusing (and people will make fun of you). Whistler (in Canada) is much more favorable due to the exchange rate. Did you know Whistler is the top rated ski resort in North America?

I oh so wanted to go with B… but I went with A.

The next time, though, I’m not so sure. I want to support my city… but do I support it more by helping overrun it with people, or do I support it more by encouraging people to stay away.

I’m afraid I know the right answer.

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