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Park City School District Administrators Request over $50 million in Capital Outlays

The School District has completed gathering captial requests from district administrators. Currently, there are over $50,000,000 in requests. The School Board will ultimately decide on which requests are funded.

The requests more than $1 million are listed below:

Location Projects Over 1 Million Amount Requested School Rational/Explanation Comments Person Requesting
District Office New District Office 8,000,000 The District Office is to small and is not meeting the current needs of the district such as there is very limited space for Professional Development, public Board meetings, Office space and Parking. Ember Conley
Maintenance Food Service Build 12,000 sq ft. Warehouse /Maintenance Shop 2,200,000 Save money by buying food and supplies in bulk. Giving back much needed space to Transportation and providing much needed storage. Elizabeth Strasser Colby Pearce
PCHS Install Solar Panels 1,200,000 Energy Savings Todd Hauber
PCHS Dozier Field Multi-Purpose Building & Fieldhouse 20,000,000 Lack of adequate space in current facilities for popular extracurricular programs includig; team locker rooms, equipment storage, coaches offices, team meeting rooms, officials locker rooms, dedicated adequate cheerleading, wrestling, track & field, cross country, tennis and golf areas, classroom space, pressbox, laundry facility, spectator seating. Jamie Sheetz Bob O’Connor
PCHS On-Campus Tennis Courts (6-8) 1,000,000 Both boys (spring season) and grils (fall season) tennis teams need on-campus district owned/operated tennis facilities for training, practice and competition. Teams are currently relying on the PC-MARC tennis facilities for those needs. Court time is getting very hard to get. Jamie Sheetz Bob O’Connor
PCHS New Competition Gym/Arena 10,000,000 Additional gym space added on to west side of existing gyms (which would be reclaimed) and school would include gym(s), classrooms, weight room/fitness facility, storage, concessions, offices, multipurpose rooms. Current gym space, seating capacity, storage space and concession area are inadequate for indoor needs. Jamie Sheetz Bob O’Connor
PCHS Music/Engineering and Wood Shop 5,000,000 All 3 programs have outgrown current facility. Jamie Sheetz Bob O’Connor
PCHS Baseball Field/Softball Field Artificial Surface and Reorientation 3,000,000 Synthetic-artificial turf surface and reorientation/grading of baseball/softball fields. Increasing demand for open space for athletic team use and the multi-use agreement have increased use and traffic on the baseball and softball fields area for non-baseball/softball related activities (football, lacrosse, soccer) and make it more difficult to maintain an appropriate surface for baseball/softball. Jamie Sheetz Bob O’Connor

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