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School District Master Planning Committee Live Blog

We are Live Blogging Tonight’s Master Planning Committee Meeting. Click Read More below to follow the live blog. Your browser should auto refresh as this story is updated.




teri orr

Nice job capturing all this. Just for clarification I was in group 4 and we didn’t propose anything on the Triangle parcel. Our proposal was concerning 56 acres for sale between Trailside and Round Valley on the opposite side (closer to Park City) of the highway. It was meant to be out of the box thinking to generate conversation.


Teri. Sorry about that. I think either I heard someone else say Triangle or maybe I just made that up in my head. 🙂

Thanks for the clarification!

teri orr

A different table did start becoming alarmed at the “Triangle” idea without lookng at exactly where we were proposing. There was much chatter. Easy to have thought it came from our group….

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