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School District Plan for Kearns

If you’ve been listening to KPCW, you’ll know that the School District is moving toward a preferred redesign of the Kearns campus and building a new 5/6 grade at the Ecker Hill site.

This includes

  • New football field
  • New baseball/softball fields
  • New basketball/wrestling facility
  • New tennis courts
  • New indoor athletic facility
  • New soccer field
  • Addition to high school for 9th graders
  • A new School District Office that incorporates a community center
  • Tons of additional parking
  • New 5th/6th school at Ecker Hill

Here is the “scheme” presented at the last community master planning meeting. It also has people comments on it, which reflects ideas and concerns by attendees. Click the image for a bigger version to see what is included and where it is:




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