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School districts start laying out plans for the fall

We’re about a month out from Park City schools starting the fall semester. This year will obviously function differently, given Covid-19. We’d expect the school district to come out with plans soon, so we parents know what to expect. However, we know the school district likes to wait and be told what to do from the Governor and Utah State Board of Education.

So, we thought we would present you with what other school districts have decided so far.

So, in NYC, ABC is reporting , “New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a hybrid back-to-school plan Wednesday with most students inside their physical schools just two or three days a week, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it’s up to him to decide whether schools can open at all.”

Here in Utah, Governor Herbert has announced school will be in person this fall. However, that could be a half day a week or some portion of six days a week. We know how politicians like to parse words.

It’s instructive to look at what the Jordan School District down in SLC announced this week. They are one of the first districts to announce their plans and are about ten times larger than Park City with about 55,000 students. They are going with four days of in-person school and one in-home school. According to KSL, “The Jordan School Board unanimously approved a motion Monday that would bring students back to school for in-person classes Monday through Thursday, with each Friday being used for online classwork, small-group learning, and additional teacher consultation.”

What strikes me as interesting with Jordan is that they surveyed teachers and parents on how they wanted the schools to work. The school board went with the option that was chosen the most by teachers and second-most by parents. They deciced on four days of in-person school per week.

It should be interesting to see what the Park City School District does with regard to in-person school. It’s closing in on the time that they should let us know. Are kids going to attend four days a week? Will it be normal with a full four and a half days a week? Will they go half days, with specialists online? Can families opt out of in-person school?

Odds are, they know what they are going to do. Now we are just waiting.




Gov Herbert issued order mandating masks in all K-12 public and charter schools. No surprise PCSD hasn’t published return to school plan, they have been suffering analysis paralysis for years now.


I think the less time they give people to complain, the better it will probably work. Lots of people will be upset basically no matter what, so if they wait until August 1st, they at least only have to listen to/respond to the complaints for a few weeks.

I mean, there’s not a good solution here. All options are bad. That is not a fun place to be for anyone, but least of all for the district.

Harold Paratestes

Josh – please you use your platform to encourage our community to practice personal responsibility, and rally around our school district. Our school district is navigating an unprecedented, thankless, politically charged, herculean task… and I am confident they are keeping the welfare of our kids and district staff front-and-center.

Community personal responsibility will be the key to making all of this work. Let’s rally around our district.

Anonymous – you are just an uniformed and clueless douche. If you aren’t part of the solution, get the hell out of the way! Eat your pudding and enjoy your Young and Restless reruns.



I could not agree with you more on personal responsibility. Every individual action taken by people help determine the outcome. I believe that is true whether we are talking about COVID-19 or anything else.

The school district has an almost impossible to task. However, it’s not a different than most other businesses. How do you adapt? Can you adapt? If we want park city schools, or frankly anything else to work in Park City, we are going to have to depend upon the collective decisions.

This weekend I was up at Bear Lake, and I’ll tell you it’s not looking good from a virus perspective. However, businesses seem to be doing well. That will continue to be true, until it is it.

Schools are going to need help. A month and a half out, I can already tell this isn’t going to be easy

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