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Self Indulgence and Where are the Women?

Rarely do I get one email that provides such fodder. First, I receive an email from the Mountain Accord saying:



Could it be more self indulgent? It’s like getting an email from Backcountry thanking Backcountry for being so AWESOME. Wow.

Later it includes the picture below, which I assume is a photo of either the Executive Committee or the main members of the group. What’s missing? How about a near equal representation of women? A friend remarked that perhaps that’s just the make up of the most “powerful” people in the central Wasatch. I don’t doubt that, but it doesn’t make it right or an effective distribution of people. I know this will be a shocking statement… but often a group dominated by white males doesn’t come up with the optimal solution. Perhaps there are other forces at work here, or I’m missing something. I hope so.



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