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Shower Thought of the Day …

Is it too much home field advantage for 3 of the 5 voting locations, for today’s school bond election, to be at schools? 🙂



Bill Humbert

I call that splitting hairs. Best to let people vote where they are used to voting.

Whether you are voting for or against the bond proposal, at this point I just encourage you to vote.

We just voted at Eccles. I asked how the voting was going. He described it as heavy. There was a line in front and behind me. I was number 225 at 10:30 AM.

We have candidates who have campaigned hard. They deserve to be recognized by larger voting numbers whether any specific candidate wins or loses. And of course, there is that bond proposal…

Remember if you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain. And no one wants to lose that right!! 😉


Bill, I completely agree with everything you said.

I definitely didn’t mean to insinuate that elections shouldn’t have been at the schools. I must be getting WAY TOO SERIOUS around here. 😉

It really was one of those shower thoughts where you start thinking about it and say… “wait 3 out of 5 polling places are schools for a school bond election? That’s kinda funny.”

In reality, elections held at a school about schools could cut either way. I just hope we have a good turnout! Sounds like it may be better than expected.


We usually vote at the LDS Church and today it’s at Ecker Hill Middle School. Maybe next year it will return to the LDS Church. Poll location changes have confused a number of people this time around. Best to double check before you head out to vote.

Keep Shower Thought of the Day segment. We can all relate.

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