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Snow Versus Pocketbook…which Wins?

They say it’s going to be a great snow year in Utah due to an El Nino event in the Pacific. Evidently the El Nino event is similar to 1997-1998, and the thought is the snow will be like that too. That season, for instance, Alta had a little over 575 inches of snow. That’s not jaw dropping but really good. If that materializes, people who own snow related businesses should do AWESOME!

Yet, I’ve also watched as the Dow Jones Industrial average drops about 100 points a day. That means the wealthy, AKA those who can afford $120 a day ski passes, $300 hotel rooms, and $100 dinners, have less money. I suppose “normal” people (like most of us working in Park City) who ski our slopes are impacted as well. Is there a shift from the $1900 Deer Valley pass to the Epic Pass at under $700? Do people buy the 10 pass book instead of a season’s pass?

It should be interesting this winter to see whether the snow or the pocketbook wins out.


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