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Snyderville Basin Planning Commission Needs You

Sorry I didn’t notice this sooner but the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission has two vacancies for the next term. Interviews are this Wednesday. While there are no guarantees, I bet you can still get on the interview list. Currently there are 3 people interviewing for 2 positions.

The Planning Commission is responsible for probably 80% of what you love or hate about Summit County. Especially given the growth we’ve seen, the Planning Commission in the coming years will serve an important role in ensuring that development across the Basin happens how, and where, we want it to. If you are interested in building, planning, guiding the development of the Snyderville Basin, this position is for you.

If the thought of interviewing for the positions scares you, it shouldn’t. Each member of the County Council will ask you about a question about why you want the job, what would make you a good candidate, given that you have done XXXX, how is that a good fit for this position, etc. They are nice people.

If you are interested in applying (which I hope you are), please immediately email the Assistant County Manager, Anita Lewis. She will likely let you know if they can fit you in.

Good luck. We are all depending on you.



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