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Social Media Erupts Over School District Handling of Threat to High School

In October 2015, the Park City School District received a threat directed at teachers and an Administrator at the High School. Last night at about 9:30 the school district sent an email about the issue to the media. Today, the community has erupted on social media.

It’s not good.

Here are a few examples of the 120 comments posted this morning on Facebook:

“I am extremely disgusted by this! I am a student at PCHS and I find out that someone might kill me and the rest of our student body a couple hours before hand! They’ve known since October! I am losing trust in our district and I don’t know how much more I have left especially since they have basically put my life at risk! I do not appreciate that and I will not be going to school tomorrow! Have fun dealing with this superintendent Conley thanks again for risking my life”

“Apart from dealing with decisions about sending our kids to school tomorrow, how are we supposed to go forward with any sense of security for our kids safety in the future with such a lack of trust?”

“Completely unacceptable and alarming! It’s obvious the only reason we are being informed is because ‘word got out’. What is being done to prevent it from happening on another day? What happened with the student(s) who made the threat? I think we need more than a ‘kids are safe, it was handled in October’ answer!”

“How, as a parent, am I supposed to make an informed decision regarding my kids safety when you keep crucial information and potentially life threatening danger a secret? Even now, you are withholding details that should have been shared months ago with parents. This is completely unacceptable and totally irresponsible given the recent rash of incidents in our country. Give us ALL the information NOW!”

“Reading a number of responses, I see the school district, once again, saying that ‘there is a lot of misinformation going around.’ From experience, this means that 1. PCSD has poorly handled an issue, 2. PCSD communication was too little, too late, 3. parents, once again, have had to do their own due diligence to uncover facts and help each other, 4. PCSD does not like the external information they are hearing, regardless of truth, and 5. you are about to hear that everything is just fine, don’t touch the curtain, there’s nothing to see here. This, from a person who likes Park City and its parents and teachers with all my heart.”

“The true threat to our students is not this incident related to May 3rd. The threat is that our school system is being run by Dr. Conley who has repeatedly demonstrated she is not up for the job. She should step down from her position effective immediately.”

And yes, there are a hundred plus more comments that say similar things. This is turning into a big issue for the School District. I bet the School Board is following social media on this one.




I’m still a bit perplexed – this was handled in October, but there’s a kerfuffle (involving lots of extra police and everyone freaking out) now? Just because the dingbat(s) who got caught in October mentioned May 3rd?

I guess if I were the district, I’d have said something about this in October – “We caught some dingbats threatening to do bad things at school. We know who they are and have dealt with them per our rules on this. They mentioned a specific date but now that we know about it, we don’t think anyone should be worried.”

It sounds like something like the following happened:
-Some dingbats make a threat. Because they’re idiots, plenty of other people hear about this, and some of them tell the administration/teachers.
-Dingbats get in deep, deep trouble.
-Kids who knew about it (and the date involved) start a 6-month game of community telephone, which eventually causes everyone to freak out just before that date.
-District says “WTF?” and sends out a press release saying this was dealt with long ago.

Assuming I’m right, 2 issues:
-District let this happen by not making information public sooner.
-Social media and student gossip put the icing on the crap cake by basically letting rumors turn into a massive freakout.

I guess the new communications person can’t be blamed since she wasn’t hired yet in October. Assuming she’s competent, she’s got to be laughing/crying about this right now.

Office hours will be interesting next week.



Yep. I don’t think I have ever agreed with you more (and I usually agree with you). Spot on.

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