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Your Solar Panels Are Facing the Wrong Direction If Your Concern Is the Environment

Park City and Summit County are solar-crazy. There was a big push last year for residents to join together to buy solar panels. This year some government buildings are getting the upgrades. The problem? Those solar panels are facing the wrong direction to optimally provide power when it’s needed.

Last year we linked to an article on how some people believe solar panels should face west in order to increase the actual amount of energy produced. Local installer Alpenglow disagreed with that assessment.

Yet, yesterday’s New York Times is reporting on another reason you may not want to point your panels south.

The panels are pointed that way because under the rules that govern the electric grid, panel owners are paid by the amount of energy they make. But they are not making the most energy at the hours when it is most needed.

So, the choice is either optimize your income or optimize your environmental effectiveness. Do most people invest in solar for the money? Probably not.

The whole article is a good read:

New York Times: How Grid Efficiency Went South


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