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Speak Now or Forever Pay Your Fees

On Thursday, the Park City City Council is meeting to receive public comment on new, proposed “Stormwater Fees” for residents, businesses, and schools in Park City proper. The proposed fees are based on ESU’s (Equivalent Surface Units), which is based on the amount of land that is “impervious” to moisture going into the ground. Think roofs, parking lots, driveways, etc. Each ESU on your property will cost you $6 per month. An average home in Park Meadows might cost you $18 a month. Have a bigger house or more driveway and you may be looking at up to $42 a month.

Businesses are not immune either.  The city estimates 1/2 of all business charges will be less than $25 a month but some could be upwards of $2500. I assume a property like that would be the hospital or movie studio (unless of course the movie studio is somehow protected from that by our “benevolent” leaders in Salt Lake).

According to a pamphlet mailed to residents by the city, schools are not immune either. So, the school district (or perhaps better said… you and me) will be paying the stormwater fees associated with the campus on Kearns. This, too, seems like it would be in the $2500 per month range based on the size of the parking lots and buildings. Let’s see, $2500 per month X’s 12= $30,000 a year (it could be more, of course). Schools somewhat put it in perspective. Would you rather have an extra person helping your kid or would you like to invest in stormwater?

Now, I don’t doubt that stormwater facilities need upgraded. However, also remember that money is fungible. The $6 million the city spends on property in Bonanza Park or the $1 million it spends on a 0.10 acre lot in Old Town, could alternatively be used in many different ways.

If stormwater is a problem, OK… but do we have to levy a $20 per family tax (and more for businesses) to upgrade our systems? If we apparently have $7 million to spend on land to “help” transportation efforts and provide affordable housing… couldn’t we use some of that so that our resident’s housing doesn’t become too unfordable due to taxes like the proposed stormwater fees?

$20 a month is real money. Perhaps, the second home owners don’t mind. However, the other 50% of people in Park City will likely notice the increased $300 in annual fees.


For more information about attending the City Council meeting, please click here.



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