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Students are Learning That They Need Constant Vigilance Too

In some twist of irony it’s a little amusing that students are upset over the high school’s media center being repurposed as a location for PC CAPS. The purpose of PC CAPS is to give students real world experience. Yet, these students who are complaining about the school board making a decision look like they need to understand how the real world works. As one student put it, “They didn’t ask us. They should have, because we are the people who are going to be negatively impacted by this out-of-the-blue decision.”

I know I sound a bit condescending, and when I was in high school I would have been complaining too, just like these students. I probably wouldn’t have even been as good as these kids … I wouldn’t have even considered writing a letter to the paper. Yet that doesn’t change the fact that the school board did tell students, parents, and the community that they were considering making this change. It was announced on a School Board Meeting agenda. It was discussed on the radio. It was all available online. I believe there is even a student council representative “on” the School Board.

What these students are learning is the same thing I’ve been learning since I started Park Rag. Civic involvement isn’t a part time job. You have to be constantly aware of what is happening with local government. You have to voice your concerns ahead of time. If you don’t, all you can do is complain and that doesn’t go very far.

If you are a student and are interested in becoming more involved, I’d love to have you write with us at the Park Rag. English doesn’t even have to be your forte’ (it obviously isn’t mine). What we have to offer is a passion for local government and Park City. We provide a reason for following what’s happening in Park City and an outlet for your voice. What we try to do is cover the school board, Park City City Council, the Summit County Council, and events that impact Park City like Mountain Accord. We want to let as many people as possible know about what’s going on and provide a perspective that may not be found elsewhere.

While perhaps the Park Rag doesn’t have the cachet that PC CAPS has, we provide many of the same things. We offer the chance to work in the real world, an opportunity to hone your critical reasoning skills, and a good story to tell colleges. You also get to help make Park City a better place.

I hope you’ll consider making a difference in both your life and Park City. If you’re interested, please email .


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