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How did we not know about the Park City Film Studio construction “pause” until a week later?  You can now submit tips to the Parkrag online.

Yesterday morning at about 9AM we received a call. Our caller said we should contact another person and ask about the Film Studio. We did so and found out that the workers had allegedly been told about a week before that they should go home due to “lack of funds”*. We contacted another source who told us Leslie Thatcher had asked someone from the Park City Planning office about this at about 7:40 that morning. According to our source they told Ms. Thatcher that this sort of thing is “normal”.

Really? It’s common for a $120 million project to have to be put on hold while waiting for monetary commitments so the project can continue? Was that expressed during the approval process for this movie studio? It reminds me of my fraternity in 1992 who needed some money from all of us to fix our air conditioner. It was a very hot August, September, May, June… well you get the idea.

In the Park Record, which posted the story at about 10:40AM, we learned that construction had been halted on 9/9… a week before anything was reported by the City or any other media outlet. This also jibes with our earlier source’s information.

The important question is why did this take a week to come out? We know it’s embarrassing. We know it’s not the hoped-for outcome. But why did it take so long? It’s big for our little community.

I know it’s the job of businesses to control their message. I know that city governments often operate to protect themselves. I also know that we as people have a right to know about the events that impact us.

That’s why we have added the ability to submit tips to the Parkrag. If you know of something that should be reported and don’t want it squashed by the powers that be, please let us know. We can’t make any guarantees about publishing the info. We don’t have hundreds of lawyers ready to fight Cease and Desist orders. However, there are things that should be reported. If you know of something and are willing to share, please let us know.

You can either submit a form with the information or email us. We are also happy to take information anonymously. We just want to make sure information that should be shared is actually shared.

Our goal is to increase transparency in and around Park City. There is no reason an issue like this should have been hidden from the public for a week. Hopefully, in the future, it won’t be.

*Note: We didn’t hear the term “lack of funds” from the original source. This was relayed by someone else. So, we can’t confirm exactly what was said specifically at the time.



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