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Summit County Buys the Option to Build on the Land Next to Jeremy Ranch Elementary

Yesterday, Summit County Manager Tom Fisher signed a purchase order for an option to buy 30 acres of land next to Jeremy Ranch Elementary School (the land between the school and the Burt Brothers). The intent is to implement solutions related to traffic and affordable housing, if further study ultimately determines this land would be useful for those purposes.

The purchase price of the land, should the county decide to buy it, is $3.7 million or $125,000 per acre.

Our best guess for intended uses would be an intercept lot for parking and some sort of workforce housing. We are working to get more information so we can get a better idea of what the county has in mind.

We’ll provide additional information as it becomes available.


Click here for the press release


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Meg Leaf

Why more affordable housing and not augmenting the elementary school to house more grades, such as K-6? This would solve a problem the school district is having in determining how to proceed with realignment. That whole discussion on how to realign is very fluid with much research supporting K-6, 7-8, 8-12.

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