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Summit County Council Candidate Canice Harte has a meet-and-greet coming up

Winston Churchill once said, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” The best way to prove Sir Winston wrong and become an informed voter is to spend 15 minutes talking with those people running for election. That’s why I believe local elections are one of the few places where people can make a difference — because we can all talk with candidates and understand their positions.

With that in mind, Summit County Council Candidate Canice Harte has a meet-and-greet hosted by long-time resident Sally Elliot coming up on October 15 at 5 PM. Sally Elliott was on the Park City Council, Summit County Commission, Summit County Council, and has been involved with non-profit organizations for years. She is legit.

I would encourage you to take this chance to speak with Canice Harte about his plans for the Summit County Council. For newcomers, the Summit County Council position is important because they are effectively the legislative body for most of us. They reside over property taxes, health, building, and many things we take for granted every day.

It is an important position.

If you are interested, the meet-and-greet is being held at 2690 Sidewinder Dr. in Prospector on Saturday, October 15, at 5 PM. No RSVP is required. You can just show up.

If any other candidates are holding events, please email me. I am happy to post any events where the public can meet a candidate.


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