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Summit County Council Voting on “Donating” Another $150,000 to Mountain Accord

On Wednesday, The Summit County Council will hear an update on the Mountain Accord. Along with this update will come a request for agreeing to spend another $150,000 on the Mountain Accord. If you recall, a couple of years ago Summit County spent $50,000 to get a “seat at the table” during the Mountain Accord process. We’ve since learned that the total outlay by interested parties in the Mountain Accord is $27 million; therefore, our total of a $250,000 outlay represents 0.9% of the money. So, when they said “seat at the table” we guess that meant a seat at the kiddie table.

Given the current Mountain Accord Blueprint and discussions we’ve heard, it seems that the current plan is for rail to stop at PCMR. Technically, that is in Summit County but it is really Park City.

So, we aren’t really sure what is to be gained by our further investment in a project that very few people here seem to want. Perhaps we don’t want to piss off UDOT, who controls 88% of the Mountain Accord as well as the purse strings for road funding. I’m sure we’d hate if some of those road upgrades that are partially funded by UDOT were “delayed.”

It’s all feeling a little New Jersey around here. Is Chris Christie staying at the Waldorf?


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