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Summit County Day Celbration Was Nice

Last Saturday, the county held a celebration for Summit County Day. The county cordoned off a small section of the Tanner Outlet mall parking lot next to the playground. They gave away free hot dogs, had face painters, and balloons. Perhaps one of the best part of the event was the sheer number and diversity of Summit County employees who attended. There were sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, transportation planners, emergency planning people, people talking about forest fires… and I’m probably leaving out many others.

Also, Summit County Council members showed up too. I personally had the great opportunity to visit with Tal Adair, Kim Carson, Roger Armstrong, and Claudia McMullin about what’s going on in the county. Ms McMullin was even showing off her bright pink (I mean salmon colored) E-Bike that was on loan from Pedego. She was letting anyone and everyone try it out. I don’t think I’ve seen adults having so much fun in a long time.

Perhaps my wife summed it up best when she said, “I don’t know who was responsible for that [Summit County Day party) but they should be commended. I don’t always agree with everything that happens here, but seeing all those different people who are working to help us every day behind the scenes makes me feel really good about our community.”

Yep, it was a job well done.


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