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Summit County, please use the $50 million in open space bonds to buy the Tech Park

Dear Summit County,

I hope you find yourself well. I have been doing well this past year. The harvest of Halloween candy seems plentiful, and I am hopeful that Thanksgiving will yield yams, potatoes, and other delights. If only Harmon’s could have taken over the Outlets at Park City sooner, we all may have all feasted on this coming holiday.

Abundance aside, I write to you with a simple request.

Although my property taxes have doubled over the past decade, and my sales taxes have increased too, I knowingly voted for your $50 million open space bond. I also realize that you didn’t want to hurt the current bond’s chances, so you have delayed additional tax increases until next year. I thank you for that consideration.

By paying increasing taxes every year, I believe I have shown sacrifice for you. I am hoping that you will return the favor.

Pray tell, will you please consider using every last dollar of the $50 million we have given you, to buy the Dakota Pacific Tech Park and make it into open space? I don’t care if it is only worth a fraction of this.

If you answer my prayers, I will no longer have to worry about basketball tickets and conflicts of interest. I won’t have to worry about whether this development will create more housing needs than it solves. I no longer will have to ponder why people who make 120% of the average median income ($100K a year) count toward affordable housing.

I am sure, in your infinite wisdom, you will see that a conservation easement that prevents development on this land makes our community stronger, our traffic less, and increases the well-being of all who live here. It will also make the land under the UOP look a lot less like Draper. Yes, I and my fellow landowners are each willing to pay you $1,040 over the next twenty-six years to preserve our way of life.

All we ask in return is you don’t screw up Kimball Junction any more than it is.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Josh Mann




Well said, Josh.


It’s scrubland that’s already surrounded by development and right next to a public transit hub. PC needs housing. We should build housing on the tech park land.


There are other parts of the county that need open space. Let’s use it for what we were told it would help on the East side.


Sorry Nancy, for the late approval. I didn’t see the comment.

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