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Summit County Sheriff’s Office Impresses Again

This morning I was in the Wal-Mart parking lot with my two year old. As we walked out of the store to my car, I heard yelling and then saw one man slam another into the back of a Jeep and punches were thrown. It was violent. So much so that I decided I better get my two year old in the car and call the Sheriff. A normal variety fight between two teenagers probably wouldn’t warrant such a call, but this seemed like it had the potential to degenerate into something dangerous for both the men fighting and any bystander.

The Sheriff’s dispatcher was friendly and asked a few questions. I said this probably wasn’t an emergency but they may want to check it out. About 4 minutes later a deputy rolled into the parking lot and I left. On the way out, another deputy appeared to be headed that way.

In so many areas of the country, the police force may have responded twenty or thirty minutes later (or perhaps not at all). In this case, they were there almost immediately. It once again gives one faith, that if you have a problem, the sheriff’s office is going to be there almost immediately and that they have your back.

It’s good to live in Summit County.


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