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Summit County Should Provide a Year of Credit Monitoring to those Impacted by the Fair’s Credit Card Breach

According to Summit County officials,  “Summit County recently learned that a third party vendor may have experienced a credit and debit card breach affecting individuals and/or parties that purchased tickets to the Summit County Fair Rodeo and Demolition Derby. We can confirm that 951 transactions may have been affected and have knowledge that other counties utilizing this vendor are experiencing a similar breach.”

Summit County is experiencing what many retailers like Target, TJ Maxx, and Sears have experienced.  The world of credit cards is becoming harder and harder to secure.  In this case, it appears as if it was not Summit County’s fault directly, as it was a third-party vendor that was hacked.  However, it is the County’s problem.  In the County’s statement about the crime, they urge people who may have purchased fair or rodeo tickets to contact their bank and the sheriff.  That’s not good enough.

The County, instead of placing the burden solely on attendees, should offer a free year of credit card monitoring to these 954 individuals.  Also, as many of our residents attending the fair may not be as technically savvy as others, there should be a dedicated contact person at the County that can be reached via phone to assist persons in need of help or direction.

Unlike Target, there were not millions of people hacked, but 950+ people is a significant number for our County.


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