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That about sums up Park City’s Snow Day

Note: The fact that the Park Rag screws up language all the time is not lost on us. However, we just couldn’t resist.




I think what they meant to say is…..bus drivers could have done it, they just didn’t want to. Everyone, including teachers and students, DID safely make it to the resorts to ski.


Since today should be a snow day based on Molly Miller’s response to the Park Rag, I can only conclude (based on many events) that PCSD will never admit a mistake, will say anything to avoid having to admit a mistake, and cannot be trusted. Management is incompetent. Communication is childish.


I don’t think anything more can be said about the snow closure than has already had been said across the community.

However, what I do think needs to be said is that communication between the school district and the public has improved markedly since Ms Miller started.

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