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Updated: Tania Knauer Has Decided Not to Run for Park City School Board

Current School Board President, Tania Knauer, has decided not to run for reelection this November. Originally she had filed for Park City District 3. Four candidates remain vying for that seat:

  • Art Brothers
  • Moe Hickey
  • Kevin Kennedy
  • Petra Butler

Ms Knauer provided this comment about her decision:

I’ve been a volunteer in the district for 15 years, my youngest graduates this June and I’ve always said I’d graduate along with her. I’m ready to do some traveling and get involved in non-profits I’m passionate about.

In the last couple of years the board has:

  • negotiated the licensed, classified and administrative contracts in a few months (compared to 18 months last time)
  • had no additional tax increases and created a sustainable budget vs. two tax increases and expenses higher than revenue in the previous few years
  • improved governance and transparency by cleaning up the policy committee, creating a board handbook to guide board operations and getting video meetings and other info online
  • created a master plan and will come up with Plan B on implementation this year
  • gone on a listening tour after the bond, improving community engagement thru different initiatives and hiring a communications specialist to help improve outreach.

There is still a ton of work to do, but we have a strong, knowledgeable board. We also have a full slate of candidates which offers choices for voters. It’s great to see new blood getting involved.



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