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The second most important person in the Park City School District is leaving

The most important person in the Park City School District is your kid’s teacher. The second most important person is Todd Hauber. Yesterday we learned Todd was leaving PCSD and headed to the Granite School District in mid October.

You may not be familiar with Todd, but he has been the Business Administrator for the Park City School District for a decade. You may think of PCSD as an educational environment, but as it is with most things in Utah, there is a legislative component that extends into how a business can run. Todd manages all of that for the Park City School District. Who figured out the bonds for our school expansion? Todd. Who had the foresight to ensure that our lease revenue bonds were purchased before the recent interest rate hikes? Todd. That saved us a ton of money. Who knows about every legislative change each year? Todd.

When I was running for School Board, Todd sat down with me for about 20 minutes after a school board meeting to explain a financial issue. He didn’t have to. He wanted to. He wanted to educate. He was impressive.

I have witnessed that level of knowledge and professionalism since I started following the school district when Ember Conley was Superintendent. He has always known more than most about our schools. He knows how it all works. Unfortunately that knowledge will soon be gone.

I emailed School Board member Andrew Caplan and expressed that we should do everything possible to keep Todd Hauber. He replied that they had tried but the opportunity was too great for Mr. Hauber to pass up. That’s too bad for us. I guess, our loss, is Salt Lake’s gain.

If this was baseball, we just lost our starting shortstop. We’ll need to work very hard and get pretty lucky to find someone in his ballpark.

Thanks for the decade of work Todd. We’ll miss you.




Wow. Todd is irreplaceable. Says so much that he is leaving PCSD.


While I have been critical of the district, I wouldn’t put this one on them. If you are good at what you do, you want challenges. That is Todd.

Granite School District has 60K students and over 90 schools (we have 4,700 students and 7 schools). Their budget is ten times ours. I’d guess the challenge of that is invigorating to someone like Mr. Hauber. Perhaps said a different way, Todd’s talents may have been wasted on us for awhile.


… or perhaps the relentless onslaught of negativity, Park Rag and KPCW BS, keyboard warrior heyina ankle biting, prolific second guessing, manufactured drama, GRAMAS, and other PC sludge led a good guy to look for higher ground. I’m surprised anyone stays. Nice job Josh and minions.


Keep huffing the copium, comrade!

PCSD parent

Anonymous, Maybe the radio station is driving some people out. They drove out Ed Panos. He was about to become a school board member by default, running unopposed. When they reported that he had a $3 million settlement against him from the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission for setting up shell companies to funnel money (and using students to help him) and he was barred from holding some office, AND he also was convicted a whole different case of doing the same thing by a jury in another state, and was ordered to pay another $2.5 million on that one, which he appealed and lost…that was good for the community to know before putting him in charge of $150 million in bond money to be spent in a very complicated way on a bunch of random companies. (Wonder why he even wanted to run with all of those records.)

Captain Kirk

If anyone is to ‘blame’ for a PCSD employee who’s on the board of education quitting, look no further than yourself and your cohorts on the board. You are sludge for blaming the community and news outlets.
If you really supported Mr. Hauber, you would have booted the superintendent out of the PCSD Jeremy Ranch house and given Mr. Hauber dibs. He’s far more valuable than she is for PCSD.
Without blaming anyone, Mr. Hauber probably left to further his career and work closer to his home. It’s probably that simple, but you can’t seem to get over yourself and stop pointing fingers.
Grow up and move on, preferably out of Park City.

Austin Powers

Did we really give the interim position to the guy who failed to secure the permits?!?!?!

A Spade Is A Spade

Construction at two schools remains halted as of today. PCSD’s paperwork is still incomplete for the Utah State Board of Education to issue required project numbers. Also, the city still needs to meet about these projects. PCSD didn’t get their ducks in a row before starting to dig. That’s what happened. The public entrusted them with $79M, but right out of the shoot, PCSD messed it up.

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