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The Summit County Sheriff’s Office continues to impress

About five years ago, we wrote a story about how a Summit County Sheriff’s deputy likely saved lives by “herding” a group of 50 elks from entering I-80, using his truck. It was an impressive feat of ingenuity and judgment.

Yesterday, I witnessed something that, while not as ingenious, showed even greater judgment. Tuesday was the first day of school across the Park City School District. I was biking home after dropping off my kids at school. As I headed up a hill in Jeremy Ranch, around the corner came a Summit County Sheriff’s SUV. Two deputies were in the vehicle and were scanning the area.

I assume they had at least two goals. First, they were likely trying to get traffic to slow down since school had just started. There is nothing worse than cars speeding past kids waiting on buses. Second, most robberies happen in broad daylight when people are away from their homes. There would be few better times to rob a house than shortly after school starts. No one is home, and everyone is distracted. So, I think they served as a deterrent to that activity.

So thanks to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. As my friend, who I was biking with said, “That’s good sheriffing.”



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