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There is “Nothing to See Here” with School Board’s Truth in Taxation Notification Meeting Yesterday

Information has been floating around social media about a “special” school board meeting yesterday regarding raising taxes. The implication was that the board was planning on raising taxes later this year.

That may or may not be true but their was nothing sinister about this special meeting. It seems that School Board Business Administrator Todd Hauber believes that the Utah State Legislature will pass legislation requiring a group like the Park City School District to declare that they may raise taxes by March 4 (if they want to increase taxes this year).

So, while you may not be in favor of the school district raising taxes this year, that’s not what this meeting was about. This meeting was about ensuring that the school board has options later this year for increasing funding.

Therefore, at most, this meeting was an indicator that increasing property taxes may be a possibility in the future.

Here is the 7 minute video of the discussion at the school district yesterday, if you’d like to see it for yourself:



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