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They Say We Need To Compromise on the Mountain Accord Tunnel. We Think We’ve Found the Compromise.

A very nice person sent through an uplifting story of human triumph, community, and determination. As one person put it, it is awe inspiring. So, if you haven’t seen this before, please take one minute to go read:

They told him it was impossible. It took him a hammer, a chisel, and 22 years to prove them wrong.

When you get back, please consider whether this isn’t the compromise we need for Mountain Accord. If the people who want a tunnel from Brighton to PCMR want it so badly, perhaps they should agree to personally show up every morning from 4AM – 7AM and dig that tunnel by hand.

If they want it that badly, we’d throw all of our support behind making their lifelong mission come true.

Another h/t to the person who shared this with us… It made our day.


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