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This is the day school should have been closed

The temperature on the dashboard read -18ºF as I passed by the school bus picking up children at 6:39AM. Near where I live, most parents drive their kids to the bus stop in weather like this.

As I stepped outside my car, my face froze and my hands hurt after about 10 seconds. My thoughts turned to those kids who might actually have to wait outside for the bus, instead of inside of their parents SUV. According to the National Weather Service, frostbite can occur in as little as five minutes when temperatures are between 0ºF and -19ºF.

Yes, the horse has been beaten dead about Tuesday’s snow day. However, if our standard is ensuring that children can safely use the bus, a morning like this seems equally, if not more, dangerous.





Well said. Our kids are too young for “real” school but we would have kept them home or sent them to school at noon or something. Way too cold for kids to be outside waiting for a bus.


I was refraining from giving another catch 22, but since you posted:

Catch 22: Freeze to death, or close school and they’ll starve to death at home.

Seriously, though, the bar was set so low on the actual snow day that it’s going to take some time before I stop thinking, “if we were closed on that day, why aren’t we closed today?”

Steve Joyce

You can dress in extra layers for cold. You can’t dress for a bus wreck. Actually I guess you could wear so many layers that you were well padded, but that probably doesn’t count.

I still think it is funny that everyone gets so bent out of shape for a snow day in a district that has now done two in the last twelve years. Seems like a big problem! Clearly they are too slack! First world problems….

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