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On 2-for-1’s Dinners Don’t Pay the Extra Sales Tax

Park City Restaurants are winding down their 2-for-1 offers but we recently learned a way to save a little cash. It seems that most Park City restaurants include the tip, for what would have been the total price, on the bill of most 2-for-1’s. It’s much like when you have a party of 6 or more and the tip is already on the bill when you get it. The restaurant is afraid you’ll stiff the wait staff by not tipping for the “real” value of the meal.

However, this costs you money. That’s because any tip that is included on the bill by the restaurant is subject to sales tax per Utah tax law. So, save yourself the sales tax and tell your server you’ll tip on the “real” amount and see if they will let you hand write your tip. That way you don’t get charged the extra tax. It’s likely only a few bucks, but why not keep it if you can.


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