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Tour Treasure Mountain Junior High

The school district is ramping up efforts to convince you that TMJH needs to meet the solid end of a wrecking ball. I don’t think most people probably need convinced of that. Hopefully, though, the district will use these same sorts of efforts when more controversial items are brought up (i.e. the new 5/6 school).

The tour will be held Monday May 9th at Treasure Mountain Junior. The tour will leave promptly at 8:45AM from the school’s lobby. It will be led by Facilities Director Todd Hansen and Principal Emily Sutherland.

If you want to tour crowded hallways, drink brown water from pipes, breathe in dust with lead from contaminated vents, and possibly bring home a bit of the curse that is evidently plaguing the school (like when Bobby Brady brings found that tiki idol in Hawaii), then this just might the tour for you. If you are more of the faint-of-heart type, I might suggest the Park City Ghost Tour. It may be a little less scary.




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