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Should We Try to Limit House Sizes Around Park City

Recently there has been quite the uproar over transportation and now there is an attempt to “solve the problem” of people driving in their cars. Should we make parking so expensive that no one will want to drive? Should we limit the cars that can come into Park City? Should we get rid of parking and make it painful to drive anywhere? To borrow from an awful 1980’s Sylvester Stallone movie, it’s seems “Driving is a Disease and the Government is the cure.”

If we are willing to make arbitrary rules, how about one on house size for new homes? Smaller homes could lead to less people. Less people could lead to less cars. Less cars could lead to less traffic? There are also ancillary benefits like less electricity required and less natural gas.

Here is a graphic on the average house size nationwide:


What do you think the average home size is in the Snyderville Basin? 3,000 sq ft? 4,000 sq ft? More?

Are we serious with a question like this? No, not really. It seems to be a serious infringement on rights. That said, are the ideas that are being thrown around for cars any less of an infringement?


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