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TV Show “Blood And Oil” Will Likely Be Cancelled

If you’ve been depending on ABC’s TV show Blood and Oil to provide you with some extra income, you might want to make other plans. In its third week, the show recorded a 1.2 rating in the critical 18-49 category. TV By the Numbers says, “On the opposite end of the spectrum, ‘Blood & Oil’ fell below the 1.0 mark and is now all but certain to get the hook. Yes, it was opposite ‘The Walking Dead,’ but a viable show has to be able to at least hold its own against a big hit. It did not do that.”

Blood and Oil is being filmed in locations around Utah and is utilizing the Park City Film Studios. Earlier this year it was announced that the show had taken over the entire film studio. While production will likely go on for a while, the long term prospects don’t look good.



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