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Update from Park City School Superintendent on Summit County Attorney’s Press Release

Park City School District Superintendent, Dr Ember Conley, issued an update regarding The Summit County Attorney’s investigation into election code violations. It is good information and I would encourage you to read the statement below, if you are interested in this matter.

Park City School District is aware of the press release issued by the Summit County Attorney’s Office stating that it is investigating possible violations of the Election Code by both the District and opponents of the bond.

The District has been in contact with Summit County Attorney Hilder, and understands that complaints have been lodged regarding the presentation of bond information, including the showing of an informational video, to students during school time. Although his investigation is in its preliminary stages and we do not have sufficiently detailed information to form an opinion as to whether a violation in fact took place, we never would have allowed the information to be presented in this manner had we believed it was a violation of the Election Code.

Although school board members have an unrestricted right to campaign and advocate for a ballot proposition, we fully understand and appreciate that the District, as an entity, is prohibited from making an expenditure of public funds to influence the bond vote. We did not believe that the information presented to students involved any expenditure, and the presentation was not intended to cross the line into advocacy.

While we are hopeful that the District’s understanding of the law and facts will ultimately prevail, we nonetheless want to avoid any appearance of impropriety, and it is our intent to fully comply with the applicable election laws.

No additional presentations of this nature were scheduled to take place at any of our schools prior to Election Day; and therefore, we do not anticipate any problems complying with Mr. Hilder’s guidance regarding this issue.

Between now and Election Day we urge all eligible voters to carefully consider the information that has been presented by both sides and regardless of your position, to please vote and make your voice heard.

Ember Conley, EdD
Park City School District
2700 Kearns Boulevard
Park City, Utah 84060


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