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Update on Jeremy Center Development (now called Jeremy Station)

When you stop at the stop sign upon entering Jeremy Ranch, in front and to the right is the Jeremy Store. In front and to the left is a piece of land you may think is open space, but it’s not. As part of a settlement agreement between the county and James Winkler in 2005, the land can be used for up to 66,000 square feet of commercial and retail development. There are specific drawings of what must be built but it is basically office space with a small space for retail.

If the current developer gets his way, that could expand to 245,000 square feet and include an 80 room hotel (or small grocery store), 35,000 square feet of retail spaces, 20 condos, 20 town homes, and 37 single family residences. The following drawing is an idea of what the developer would like to build (click the image for a bigger view).



However, because there was a settlement agreement that specifically defines the square footage and what the space must look like, the developer must go through an extensive process to change it. That process appears to have started.

The process from here appears to be:

  • Hold a meeting with home owners in Jeremy Ranch (not really required but appears to be happening)
  • Meet with the Summit County Council to see if they would consider amending their current settlement agreement. If so…
  • Work with Summit County Planning Department to submit formal documents to the Planning Commission.
  • Hearing with the Planning Commission to get public input on design and possibly vote on it. If it passes…
  • Summit County Council would vote (and maybe take public input) on amending the settlement agreement to allow for the new design
  • If that passes then the developer can build the design agreed to by the Planing Department and Planning Commission.

If you live in Jeremy Ranch, this is likely very important to you. It could completely change the feel of your neighborhood. There is also a standard “Method of Operation” that developers use to get these type of developments through. A similar effort near Sun Peak has enabled developers to turn a nice grassy field with old trees into a Hyatt hotel. So, it could happen in Jeremy Ranch too. We’ll post another article on the method used in the near future.

In the meantime, if this interests you, you should watch for community meetings and possibly a meeting with the County Council over the next month.

Update: For more information, please read The Cautionary Tale of Sun Peak and How It Should Educate Jeremy Ranch Residents


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