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Update on Park City Meeting Minutes (and other info)

After our article over the weekend about Park City needing to keep citizens up to date on meetings … and how the latest meeting minutes posted were from May … Matt Dias (Park City Assistant City Manager) emailed us. He provided a nice explanation that the information was actually online, it just wasn’t linked easily through the Park City website due to upgrades in the city’s meeting software. He said they would get that taken care of immediately.

In the interim, if you are looking for Park City meeting info, I would recommend you go to:

One of the great features of the city’s new information portal is that if you are interested in hearing audio from just a portion of a meeting, you can select that topic and it will play only that piece It saves you from having to weed through hours of audio to get the information you want.

I know some people have beefs with the city, but I find their response to issues to be great. A couple of years ago a reader wrote in about construction equipment billowing smoke into the playground where children were playing. Park City sent someone over immediately to get that corrected. In this case, it appears they are following up quickly as well.

So, if you want info on what the latest outcome from city meetings are, how your elected officials are dealing with issues, and/or how they voted, I would suggest you check out the site mentioned above.



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