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Utah Never Ceases to Amaze Me

If you’ve been following the refugee crisis in Syria, you’re likely aware that the war there is causing a humanitarian crisis. Many people are fleeing that crisis and have gone to Europe. The U.S. has said that it will accept 10,000 refugees in the near future. However, not everyone is happy with that decision. Some people feel that these refugees will at best be a drain on our social welfare system and at worst may be sleeper cells for the Islamist State (ISIS) terrorist group. Yet, some people feel that as a compassionate society, built on the backs of immigrants, we need to accept this responsibility.

Over the past few weeks many state governors (now 26+ Governors) have said they will not accept Syria refugees. I was trying to confirm my suspicions that Utah would of course be on that list. Just listening to an interview with Representative Jason Chafetz of Utah would likely lead most people to that conclusion.

However, low and behold, we seem to be on the compassionate side of history on this one. How often can you say we are aligned with California, Oregon, Washington state, and Vermont? Utah never ceases to amaze me. The nuance here is incredible.



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