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Vail season pass sales volume is up 18%. What time will I have to get to the PCMR lot by?

Today, Vail announced its quarterly earnings. They did worse than expected. So, if you own the stock, you aren’t happy right now.

However, if you are a Parkite with an Epic pass, you may be even unhappier. Season pass sales, by the number of passes, was UP 18% over last year through September 18th. By straight dollars, sales were down 4%. However, if you account for the credits from last year, sales were up 24%.

So, 18% more passes were sold. Maybe those purchases were by people in Colorado. Maybe Vail’s slope in Kansas City has become a hot commodity. They don’t announce sales by region, so we don’t know the regions driving the sales. However, my bet is a healthy number of those sales were in Utah. If the levels seen on our trails this summer are any indication, it’s likely people are itching to hit the slopes come December.

Well, an old adage is “if it’s good for Vail, it’s good for Park City.” Or at least I imagine someone has said that. We’ll see.

I’ll look forward to seeing you at the PCMR parking lot at 7:30 AM — so we both can vie for the last spot.



Kirsta Albert

Utilize one of the park-and-rides and you won’t have to arrive at 7:30 a.m. to vie for a spot … 😉


That’s the real question. I haven’t driven to a resort in three years. I always ride the bus. Am I going to risk sitting on an enclosed bus for 20-30 minutes? That’s what we all need to figure out.

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