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Do You Want Manufacturing, Office Space, Townhomes, and Assisted Living Between Jeremy Ranch Elementary and Burt Brothers?

A developer is requesting input from the Planning Commission around using almost 11 acres acres of land between Jeremy Ranch Elementary School and the Burt Brothers for manufacturing, office space, an assisted living facility, and town homes.

This use is not currently available via the General Plan; however, a Specially Planned Area (SPA) could be approved that would enable this to be built. The Planning Commission is currently discussing amendments to the General Plan, that could make something like this a reality, without any requirement for SPA exceptions.

You can read more about this concept by clicking here. If you have concerns you would like to voice, you could either attend Tuesday’s meeting at 6PM at the Richins Library in Kimball Junction (public comment may be taken) or you can email the Planning Commissioners below. If you were going to contact one person, Colin DeFord is probably the best choice.

Member Name Email
Colin DeFord – Chair
Mike Franklin – Vice Chair
Mike Barnes
Canice Harte
Chuck Klingenstein
Greg Lawson
Bea Peck

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