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Want to Eat Anything from Kellogg’s Ever Again?

Normally, the Park Rag sticks to local issues…but sometimes things are so bad that you have to stretch outside normal boundaries. Such is the case with Kellogg’s… yes the cereal you have probably ate when you were a kid and maybe (hopefully not given this issue) fed to your kid. Think of  Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, etc.

Oh, that wholesome company.

With employees that pee on the production line.

Just another reason to shop at Whole Foods, I guess… Disgraceful.

Oh, and yes, Kellogg’s responded and said this only impacted Rice Krispies (and treats). Hopefully your school hasn’t made any rice krispie treats recently. Mine had (UGHHH).

New Update:  Kellogg’s made Youtube take the video down but a reader sent in another version where it is confirmed that Kellogg’s acknowledged that this really happened… and that the cereal was sold and eaten (MMMM). Here is that video (h/t to the reader sending this in).


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