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Washington Post Covers Sexist Comments By Wasatch County Republican James Green

You know you’ve either done something extraordinary or you’ve really screwed up when you’re not a national figure, live in a fly-over state, and you get coverage from the Washington Post. It appears former Vice Chair of the Wasatch Republican Party, James Green, has done the latter. The Washington Post’s Kristina Guerra wrote a scathing 1,300 word article about Green’s letter and the aftermath. Her story has received almost 900 comments in one day.

The only one who still doesn’t seem to get that Green’s comments were off-base is Green himself. According to the article in response to the situation he said, “There was no offense intended toward Women, whatsoever. And yet some took it that way. To those who were offended, I profusely apologize. I sincerely did not mean to do that.” He didn’t say, “I’m sorry” or “My comments on women were wrong.” No, it appears he was sorry if his prejudice towards women offended anyone. Crazy.

If you are a Republican leader in Summit County, and want a chance of winning any race, your damage control probably now includes female voters (as well as all those groups impacted from actions out of the White House).

The only silver lining we can see coming from this debacle came in the comments section of the Washington Post article:

“Utah is a wacko state.”

Yep. We love that. If enough people think Utah is bat-shit crazy, maybe a few will stay home. Not that we don’t welcome our visitors. You can’t be a resort town without them… But a little break might be nice.




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