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We Got Lucky This Time

Sometimes bad things happen but you escape unscathed. It serves as a cautionary tale. This is one of those times.

According to a neighborhood post, a car rolled down an embankment and rolled onto the new bike path on Kilby Rd. There is only a small wire fence separating I-80 from the bike path. No one was hurt but in a similar spot we saw at least 20 young children walking this afternoon. If that accident had happened there at the wrong time, it would have been tragic.

I know that a member of the local community has approached UDOT about the lack of a barrier between the path and the freeway. UDOT’s response was apparently that they are working their way down Parley’s Summit and eventually they will have wildlife fencing.

My problem is that a trail should not have been built 10-15 feet from an interstate without some sort of barrier in place before the asphalt dried. Just because you can build a trail doesn’t mean you should. Hopefully something will be done to protect citizens before an accident occurs that costs lives.

Here is the post:

Dear Neighbors, As some of you know the long awaited and much anticipated bike path is being constructed along Kilby Road. Not sure about the rest of you, but we are very excited. However, I’ve spoken with a few people about the fact that there is only a small wire fence separating the path from the freeway. This morning at 7:50 pm there was a two car accident at the top of the summit. One of the cars rolled down the embankment and across the bike path. At that time of day on a Monday morning the path, once it is complete, could be heavily populated with school kids on their way to Weilenmann or Jeremy Ranch.

I have contacted the Highway Patrol and have the case number of this event. I am aware of three accidents in the past year that have brought vehicles off the freeway and down the embankment. I am going to write a letter to both UDOT and Snyderville Basin requesting that the path not be considered complete or released for use until proper barricades are in place to protect ourselves, our families, and anyone else utilizing the path. Please reply to this thread if you are interested in having your name placed on the letter as well.

Thank you!


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