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We saw Congressman Rob Bishop Was in Town and Decided to Check Out his Voting Record

The Park Record told us that Congressman Rob Bishop had come to town and talked ISIL, the military, and other topics. We really didn’t know how he voted on various topics so we looked into it further and Open Congress provided us all the information we needed. He votes with his party 95% of the time and abstains the other 5%.

Does any group (i.e. Democrats or Republicans) get it 100% right? And when they don’t is it better to tell people what you think or just abstain?

The problem is that if someone votes with the party ALL THE TIME, anyone could do that. You could do it. I could do it. Frankly, my friend Jason’s border collie could press the button with the treat next to it every time.

It’s embarrassing for not only Bishop but for Utah.


Note: Our disgust for how Rob Bishop votes doesn’t mean we endorse Donna McAleer. We don’t endorse. That’s so 1968. Every Summit County resident should vote how they wish but also understand they deserve the government they get.


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