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We’ve Figured out What it Will Take To Get Us to Ride the Bus

Bus. Bus. Bus. Everywhere you turn, you hear the word “bus” when people talk about solutions to our transportation problems. Unlike 80% of the people around Park City, we have actually taken the bus. Ok, that was just once and for a story. So, what would it take for us to become regular riders?  We’ve figured it out.

  • We would walk no more than 5 minutes to catch the bus.
  • We would not drive, then park, and ride the bus.
  • Buses would need to come every 10-15 minutes. If they came less frequently, we’d be at last half way to wherever we were going if we took our car.
  • It would have to be an option we took every day. It couldn’t just be a Sundance thing. We’d need to think “bus first.”
  • The bus would have to go close to where we go… Kimball Junction, Home Depot, Prospector, Willow Creek Park.
  • We would walk no more than 5 minutes from the bus stop to our final destination.
  • The bus couldn’t take more than 5 minutes more time than it takes by car. We are already walking 5 minutes, waiting up to 10 minutes, and walking 5 more minutes.
  • We’d pay a couple of bucks.

We may sound like uncaring dolts, but at least we are being honest. What would it take for you to ride the bus?


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