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Some information on what Park City remote learning looks like for elementary schools

Every student in the Park City School District has two district-offered options this fall. Students can attend in-person school or students can attend remote school. If parents don’t choose an option, their students will be enrolled in in-person school. If parents choose the remote option, they need to declare that by August 7, using this form. If you can declare it earlier, that will help the district plan more effectively.

For elementary schools, remote learning will require a one-term commitment. A student can not vacillate between options. Classes will be taught by a Park City School District teacher, so your kid won’t be pawned off to Kahn Academy. That said, you still do have the option, like you always have, to use third-party, online educational services.

For remote elementary learning, we don’t know who a student’s teacher will be yet — and it is likely the school district doesn’t know yet either. Will it be one of the teachers that normally teaches your child’s grade at your school? That’s unlikely unless 25 children sign up for remote learning from one grade at one school. So, it will likely be a teacher teaching multiple grades that may come from your school, another school in PC, or at the district office. That likely all depends on how many children and the distribution of children that select remote learning by August 7.

If you select the remote option, it won’t be like the spring. There will be a schedule that your child must follow. The current plan is for live check-ins to be at 9 AM and 12:30 PM. So, your child must be there for those or they won’t be counted in attendance records. Then there in Math, Reading, Science/Social Studies, PE/Coding/Arts/Music, independent work, writing, and small group and one-on-one time. Recesses, breaks, and lunch happen throughout the day.

Through second-grade, remote education will be done through See-Saw. Canvas will be used for 3rd through fifth grade. By declaring which tools will be used, the district has answered one of its largest criticism form the spring: too many tools were used and parents often didn’t know what application to use. The downside of this is that elementary teachers, who haven’t used Canvas before, will have to learn it.

The district at least has a plan for the semester, which is good. There are a number of issues up in the air, but that’s to be expected. Plans also change, so things could look a little different in a month and we should know more as we get closer to August 20. That said, at least there is some information to choose whether you want your child to attend remotely or in-person.

Here is a sample First Grade schedule provided by the Park City School District.


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